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RSCC By-Laws: Article I

The By-Laws below are replicated from those that were recorded at the Snohomish County Courthouse on April 20, 1981. A copy of the original is available as a PDF file by clicking here. PDF File The Copy in PDF is considered to be the official document.

By-Laws of Rainbow Springs Community Club, Inc.


Section 1: The membership of the RAINBOW SPRINGS COMMUNITY CLUB, INC., shall consist of and be limited to the incorporation and the owners or purchasers of tracts of lots at Rainbow Springs and Rainbow Springs Division #2. The privileges of the corporations shall be be extended to the spouse and children of the members and may be extended to guests under such rules and regulations as the Board of Trustees may prescribe. Lot owner of purchasers shall have one membership regardless of the number of lots owned or being purchased and the interest of each member shall be equal to that of any other member, and no member can acquire any interest which shall entitle him other to a greater voice, vote or authority in the corporation than any other member. The purchaser under a contract to purchase shall be deemed to be the owner for membership purposes. If any lot or lots is held by two persons the several owners of such interest shall be entitled to collectively cast one vote. For the purpose of these by-laws a husband and wife shall be considered collectively as one person. The vote for any membership owned by a single marital community, may be cast be either spouse without evidence of authority from the other. Each member in good standing is granted a single vote at general membership meetings. A member in good standing is defined as one who has paid all fees, assessment or other legal charges made by the community club general membership or Board of Trustees. A member not in good standing will not be permitted to vote.

Section 2: Except as hereinbefore otherwise provided and as declaratory of the foregoing, no membership shall be voted unless represented by the owner and purchaser as afore-described of an individual tract or tracts to which it is and shall be inseparably appurtenant.

Section 3: Membership and certificates of membership evidencing the same shall be inseparably appurtenant to tracts owned by the members, and upon transfer of ownership, or contract of sale, of any such tracts, membership certificates of membership shall ipso facto be deemed to be transferred to the new owner or purchaser. No membership may be transferred, assigned, or in any manner conveyed, other than in the manner hereinbefore set forth. In the even of the death of a member, the membership and certificate of membership of such member shall be and become the property of the personal representative of such deceased member upon the appointment and qualifications as such in a judicial proceeding and such personal representative shall have all of the rights, privileges and liabilities of the deceased member until title shall be transferred or contracted to be transferred.

Section 4: No membership shall be forfeited nor member expelled except upon foreclosure for nonpayment of assessments, and no member may withdraw except upon transfer of title to or upon contracting for the sale of the lot(s) to which his membership is appurtenant, as elsewhere herein provided. No compensation shall be paid by the corporation upon any transfer of membership and no member whose membership is transferred shall be entitled to share or participate in any of the property or assets of the corporation.

Section 5: No member of the corporation may be expelled except by a majority vote of the membership of the corporation as a regular or special meeting of the membership called and held for that purpose, pursuant to written notice, and the member to be expelled shall receive written notice of the proposed action at least five (5) days prior to the meeting.

Section 6: In the event of an expulsion of a member as provided herein, the corporation must buy his or her property at its cost to him or her plus the reasonable value of any improvements made thereon, or in the alternative, may permit him or her to sell the same provided he or she does so within six (6) months from the date of expulsion. Such action, however, shall in no manner affect the validity of any lien, mortgage or other encumbrance on said property or the rights of any mortgagee or lien holder.

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