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Gate Operations

General Information and Use

The gate for this community is intended to provide 1) safety, 2) personal security and 3) protection of community assets. It is the obligation of every property owner in this community to be responsible for the security of this valuable asset and to protect your personal identification number (PIN Code) and remote from unauthorized use.

Individual PIN numbers are assigned to each property owner in this community. They are unique identifiers and their use is logged for the protection of each one of us. If you feel that your PIN number has been compromised, we are able to check and verify its use from the log and assist you with correcting the problem as well as disabling the compromised PIN and then assigning a new one. Renters will need to obtain the PIN number from their landlord. To report a suspected compromised PIN, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

The gate is operable from a remote, which may be purchased from the RSCC Secretary. You will need to provide identification and prove that you are a member of this community, prior to purchasing a remote. Renters will need to obtain a remote from their landlord.

To open the gate from the key pad pedestal, enter your four digit PIN number. The key pad will emit a tone and then the gate will open.

To exit the community, drive across the exit pad or use your remote.

Guests and visitors can call you from the gate by scrolling through the directory to your name and then press the 'CALL' button on the key pad. When you receive a call from the gate, verify that you are receiving a call from someone you know or are expecting, then press the '9' key on your touch tone phone. You will hear a tone, the phone will disconnect and the gate will open. The phone number the gate dials should be the phone you use for home and one that does not require long distance from a 360 area code if you use a cell phone. To change your phone number please use the form at the bottom of this page.

If you are selling your home, please contact us for a PIN number that your realtor can use and place into the NWMLS. Please use the form at the bottom of this page.

The gate is programmed to remain open for 15 seconds after opening and then close.

We have set an obstruction sensor to detect when it impacts an object. If it does, the gate will stop from closing, open approximately 6" and then stop. The gate will remain in the position until the safety loops are no longer detecting a vehicle. The gate is capable of damaging a vehicle. The key to prevent this from happening is to:

  • Drive responsibly
  • Drive with intent and awareness of your surroundings

We are using a siren operated opening system on the gate to allow emergency vehicles immediate access to the community, without the need to use a special code. Emergency Dispatchers have this information in the dispatch system and can relay it to responders. We have also installed a sign at the gate to remind responders.

For questions or concerns, please email

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