(UPDATED June 2017)

RSCC Volunteer Day:

The annual RSCC volunteer day is Saturday, July 8th @ 8:30am. Please meet at the river park. We have lots of weed whacking to do, brush clearing, pressure washing, etc.

Please bring: gloves, rakes, weed eaters, machetes, shovels, etc.

Lunch and water will be provided.

Past Due Accounts (updated 6/2017):

Several accounts are past due. If you have not made provisions to set up a payment plan, please contact Annette at 360.691.2683 and leave a detailed message when you can be contacted back. Some accounts owe thousands of dollars and we will begin the process of collecting as outlined in the by-laws - which may lead to foreclosure. Warning notices are going out as well as liens.

RSCC has contracted with a collection agency and will turn past due accounts over to them for collection. Once collections have your account, RSCC no longer has a vested interest in working with you to make good on your past due account and cannot by contractual obligation with the collection agency. It's unfortunate that it has to come to this measure, but many have been warned time and time again, and have elected to not respond or take any action to clear their debt to YOU.