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We are in constant need of volunteers. Why? A solid volunteer workforce that is reliable and available can drastically reduce the operating and maintenance costs in this community.

We need community members who are willing to make themselves available to assist with everything from helping with community newsletter, stuffing envelopes, painting, driving nails, doing electrical work or willing to work on a committee that will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for enhancement's and improvements throughout Rainbow Springs.

Your Board of Directors (BOD) is too often the only volunteer work force that gets things done around the community, and on top of our BOD duties and the work in the community, we are burning out quickly. We really need some help!

We have built a on-line form that you can fill out, which will tell us a little bit about you, what you would like to be part of, when we can most likely count on your help and how we can contact you. For the time being this information gets sent directly to the BOD President and eventually it will go to a Volunteer Captain who will be in charge of scheduling and contacting volunteers for help. Before you fill out the on-line form, please read our privacy statement and our our terms of use.

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